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Babbel – just to say that was a super epic awesome effort last night! Well done! Absolutely stunning! The whole spectacle worked a treat and really came over well – and thoroughly professional. The sound, the songs and the coordination all worked a treat! And I’m totally made up that you played Mirror In The Man – I can’t tell you how utterly fabulous it was to hear that song live and it meant the world to me! Love ya! DMcPh xxx

Hey Mark
You wos magnificent!!
It was such a great night…the band were amazing…really top musicians and you shone in the limelight as always. Some great songs Mark. Some tear jerkers and some powerhouses. It was funny talking to David and Donna… they couldn’t believe it! The lovely thing as well is the whole package… your lovely family and mates. Thanks for inviting us Mark.
Paul F –

Dear Mark
Excellent gig last week! I made it mid way through after beating loooong path back from Repton Derby (and yes, the Kingswood girls won their tournament and are now national IAPS u11 girls hocket champions!!)
Great to see a packed house. Fantastic band; wonderful backing singer. All very lavish and tight. The songs are all very strong. I felt they’re song we should have known for years; they feel as if they were all hits. So I think it was a really good thing to do. I bet you’re drained, but it was massively worth it and I hope good things come of it! Your own performance very strong I thought, and the place full of love and support.
William Heath


You were a legend, well done mate, excellent music and excellent turn out.Lisa Wooding ICE

Mr Archer
That was absolutely brilliant.
We all very much enjoyed it
The atmosphere created by you and your music was warm and welcoming – and all encompassing.
You seemed to ramp things up gently in way which we could all follow and enjoy – and take seriously – with humour included.
Was great also to see Oscar and his take on your song.
Really really great evening.
Thank you
You Star 🙂
Lyndon Greedy

IT was FAAAB on Friday-Gyp would have been SO proud of you…and I cried twice at your music. You sounded really good, loads of stage charisma and your FAR TOO SMALL sax solo was sublime… brain still a mess but your evening took me away from everything-I loved it all xx Ali Cameron Daw Leader of the Roosterz Choir


We thought you were absolutely brilliant….really enjoyed the show. You’ve got it all going on !!!!It Is in the Writing?? …very Robbie Williams.
Oscar so cool. Oh to be 40 years younger !!!!!!!!!!You must do it again.Sue

2016-11-12-PHOTO-00000416Well done on the other night! You have written some really gorg music. Hope you enjoyed it! Eloise xx

Hi Mark, we just loved your gig last night. Playing the CD today!! Thanks for inviting us. Duncan + Elaine x

Thank you for a great night.
Awesome performance.
I’ll say no more xx
Chris Birnie

I congratulate you on a great set. The last 3 in the encore, I especially enjoyed as well as your collaboration with Oscar! The ska song was rocking. You’ve written some good songs Mark and you looked like you really enjoyed yourself . Respect. Nick Hillier

Excellent night out on Friday. You’ve got some moving songs there fella. Hope you’re still buzzing from it. Everyone loved it – bigger venue next time! Mark white

Well done you for that spectacular evening – loved it.Devils Horn script writing partner Sarah Curwen

Congratulations for Friday night. It was great to see you performing all your numbers and I thought the show was really professional. Loved that you got Oscar up as well. He’s very talented.Chris Cornish music mixer of my songs for many years


Unanimously agreed that was a great night on Friday – fantastic music and packed out! See you soon Steve Isaacs

Mate that was an awesome show we loved it !.. really great night.Grahem Meharg

Fantastic show on Friday Mark. Very impressive. It was a great night all round.Chris ‘Over Englander’ Donovan


We were so proud of you & grateful for what you gave us all . So much love & soul. It made us realise we need to be together more.Tim Part

Hello lovely man! Sorry we had to rush off at the end, cracking night/ sure you got lots of good reviews ? Your son is a talented boy. !!!! xxx Jess Lynch

it was damn-damn good Mark! Bloody lovely. I know nothing is still ringing in my ears nicely. John Eames

Wow Mark it was fantastic. Wonderful material and performance. Thoroughly enjoyed it. When is the next one? Your songs are gorgeous xxx Nancy Connelly

Babba I would not have missed for all the tea in China. It’s been a while since I was last smiling from cheek to cheek during both sets. You have some great tracks there. You need to sell them to someone like Robbie Williams and live happily on royalties.
It was also fabulous seeing all three boys and you and cate as a big happy supportive family. You and cate should be VERY proud. Lots of love.
Xx David ‘Babba’ Parker


Awesome, well done mate. Oscar awesome too! Dr Dave Dymock

Awww yes you had your serious head on when I did see you & you ignored me lol! Yes it was fab, you haven’t change at all!! Well done Mr A Noooo I know you’s is a very talented man…. xx

Great Gig Friday. Your vocals were fab, very talented Mr A..Mr Gold

Mark that was brilliant.
First I was at the front, liked Something To Declare and So Strong.
Then I moved to middle, more atmosphere and so gigged more.
“It is Written” was awesome……also when you played with Oscar, everyone came alive, fantastic.
liked the encore Colourblind, and Stop Looking For Love.You seriously need to release an album.
There was such a variety… one had no idea what would come next!
As music one had never heard before it was as if you could get into it and just enjoy.
Can’t wait to hear it again…..xx Julie


Yeah we did! I did didn’t get a chance to say Hi though. You were looking super cool! Very good atmosphere. The band were brilliant with you!
Yeah! And that girls voice is a-mazing!! Loved it when you two harmonised! Awesome! Haha legends! I wish I met them all. Seemed like you had a lot of fans there who knew you :)Sophie Wilcox

Tremendous to finally hear ‘The Body of Work’ live. Do not leave it another 3 years. Thanks for the love, vitality and inspiration. Rach & Mr B xxx

What a fabulous evening it was last night…loved your singing…a huge thank you to you and Kate….roll on gig #3! Xx Sarah Maya

Hi Mark really enjoyed the gig class Tony Taylor

It’s really good baby. So happy to be here, with you, on your journey. You can find yourself having a continued fantastic eve. ☺TL ‘n ‘ Nicky xxx

Hi mate. Great gig..! Blown away by some of the songs. Neil and Helen

Hi Mark, what a fantastic evening you put on. We were there at 7 pm and stood outside to be the first in. You are amazing song writer, singer and saxophonist. I loved the song you did with Oscar. Love Janet x. Ps you star!You made such good sounds tonight. Great singing, deep lyrics and great band. We had a superb evening. A privilege. Thanks for doing it Mark. Best Jonathan

We had a good time it was a very good crescendo big hug ..big brother Pauly Archa

You’re all amazing!! An inspiration xxx Charly Brown

Beautiful and talented, top night! Iain

You were great last night! Really enjoyed the evening. You definitely need to do it more often and don’t wait another 3 years. As I told you last night you are definitely Special, Special, Special! Hope you have had a good Saturday. Big hug. Linda craft

Thank you all for a fabulous evening!We all loved it!Good weekend lovely talented people, Ymke

A most enjoyable evening at the Chapel Arts Centre, with a full crowd getting behind the star and his band. Stand out tracks for me were ‘Declaration’, ‘Demonize’ and the ‘I Know Nothing ‘and ‘Screw The Nut’. My preference is for ‘full on’ numbers with the horn section blasting out, and I felt the ballads (even allowing for my bias) didn’t come across so strongly.
Support band (and Celestine) were excellent and, overall, the concert matched up well to anything you’d see at Chapel Arts, the Bell, or Fleece and other venues in Bath and Bristol.
Despite it being advertised as an evening of Mark Archer songs, I still expected a lot more sax, and felt a couple of tracks could have benefited from a sax backing. What sax there was from Ray was lovely, a good mix of sweet and muscular. John Heenan

Thoroughly good eve … Daryl and Susan xx

Great night last night Mr A. Thanks for sharing your songs sir. Mightily impressed Dave Inman


That was a great were fab.some amazing notes.everyone very happy and a very good way to mark death of L cohen.x Dr boo McConnell

Congrats on last night mark, loved hearing all your hidden tunes.Tom solleveld

Great night great singer hope your still on a high mate well done Chris Anstey

Great gig tonight – Mark fantastic- loved it – well done had a great time!:)Andy hunt

Hey Mark, congrats on a great gig last night. R and me enjoyed it, bet you are pleased, you should be! Cheers JP

Well done Mark. Smashed it last night. Great to be there. Milly

An amazing night last night Marc it was wonderful to see and hear your music – it was fabulous-what a great set up you had as well with your fellow musos. You were all fantastic. Hope to see you when all the stardust ha settle down -if it settles down ha ha xxxxxxx Alex


What a fantastic performance! We really enjoyed it- well done! Naomi

Hi Mark thanks for a great evening. I hope you enjoyed it, I think everyone else did.
Animal Davies

Thank you for sharing your music with us. Great night. Lesley

Great night and top entertainment – you are a superstar! You should be on later with Jools Holland! Enjoy restful weekend…Dave Clemmit

Morning Mark (and family.)
Well done man. That was great. Amazing turn out. So much love!
Great stuff my friend.
Hope you had a good night.
See you soon,
Bassman Chris

Well done, Mark. You’re a star. And tonight was a greatly deserved success xxxx

I reckon you should get a proper Tv crew to follow you around and make a whole programme / series about you for channel 4. So many people love you and maybe that’s the way to get your brilliant music out to the masses. Well done my friend. We’ll party soon. Enjoy xxx Jools Scott pianist

Thank you Mark, I really enjoyed being involved in this, thank you for having me. It was sounding really hot in my opinion, and I think everyone else involved, and especially the audience, would whole heartedly agree. I have got five or six of your songs still constantly bouncing around my brain, and long may they stay there, you’ve got some killers there my man, hope to do much more together, big love xxx

Tim Jones Guitar

Brilliant evening Mark. Great performance of great songs. The French one especially. Rent n’a plus a dire. Pierre the lawyer

What a Show!Kira Caldwell

Enjoyed it very much, well done you! A happy (noisy!) crowd, some great songs Mark and Chris PeterMeg & I had a good time xx. rosy

Great evening, great songs and performances. Enjoyed :-). Well done you! Chris Hopwood

I was thinking of you while flying over Afghanistan Guy Solleveld

Hi Marco
Just a quick e mail to say how much Jess & I enjoyed your feast of music yesterday evening. Great turnout & atmosphere matey.
Nice touch getting Oscar up to duet with your good self & also seeing Ray C playing too.
The Ska finale was a fitting way to end the nite.
I will be purchasing a CD ( needs to be signed of course haha) at my next session.

Absolutely brilliant

Debbie Rook

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Welcome to the blog of markarchermusic.

Written by  on March 13, 2015

Welcome to markarchermusic blog.

Why have I spelt it like that?

This is to differentiate me from an established dance maestro also called Mark Archer and the wonderful difference is out our music couldn’t be more different.
On my newly built website there is my bio section called Pick The Fruit From My Tree.
What do I mean?
This is because after 25 years as Musician and having never previously revealed my work (reasons for why in my book ‘Showman’) I am revealing and making available my extensive portfolio of songs and instrumentals to fellow musicians, recording artists and music producers.
My musical tree has many branches … I am a songwriter and singer, author and playwright, teacher and musical director.
“The core of my life as a musician is being a songwriter and a saxophonist and I am as in love with music and its creation as when I started way back when.”
My creativity songs crosses a wide range of radio-friendly, commercial genres, but primarily I Write ballads and anthems.
“Arch’rageous” is my alter ego which shows my more extrovert character and create original songs that amuse,satire and booming football chants.
The third element of my creativity is writing my own works for the saxophone. I play principally alto and tenor love and enjoy the soprano sax and have written a vast number of inspired pop instrumentals,which we named ‘saxtrumentals’ which aim to be soulful with tone and melody, creating perfect soundtracks to any film or footage.
All of this aspects have led me to write musicals on Beckham,the sax and one which for cagey reasons is under wraps til I have spoken to the author.

I continue to write to this very day hour and moment never happier than when I am because no-one can predict what a hit is, so am continually on a quest to dig deeper into my own musical abilities, believing there is always a song, a melody, just waiting to be cajoled out of the Muse, then written, savoured, and onto the next. The eternal search for the immortal hook.I will be posting newly created tracks on my too.

My prolific output over the past 25 years covers the widest variety of styles which in many ways is a giant nod of thanks to some of his high-calibre collaborators over those decades including Tim Yates, Steve Davies, Louie Nicastro, Chuck McQuillan and the late great Gypie Mayo.

My songbook comprises over 200 songs and pieces which is now being opened and made available for artists to record and the best is on So go explore and Enjoy.

I shall write blogs on all aspect of music- songs,songwriting,gigs and musicals and I hope you continue to read and feedback dialogue with me.